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Dear up-and-coming author,

This might seem odd, however when it comes to author success, there are consistent factors that create success, and consistent factors that don't. Every book is different, and yet certain principles stand the test of genres - especially in non-fiction.

I’ve found some key steps that work over the years and, while there are no guarantees, there are several critical insights and ideas I'd love to share with you to help.

Because I know the author journey is an emotional one full of challenges. There are also so many decisions to make along the way it's easy to get lost, confused, and even stuck.

There are times when you feel like you hit a brick wall.

So you are forced to figure out how are you going to get past it...

You can break it, climb over it, go around it...

You find the solution and you keep going...

Just to find the same wall somewhere down the line.

"What am I supposed to do now?" may be the first thing you ask yourself...

If any of that sounds familiar, you're in the right place. Not only is that exactly where I've been as an author, but we have helped hundreds of authors like you that have had those exact thoughts. Taking people by the hand and helping them through the process is what we do everyday. 

And, I know that success can feel elusive and the path can feel dark and uncertain.

You may find yourself thinking:

"I waste so much time and energy trying to unlock all these "doors" blocking my way to success...."


It's why I launched Book Launchers as a full service company - I wanted to literally unlock the doors for authors and support them at every step. And, for people with the means to invest in a full-service company or for people who want to get their book done fast and at the top level, it's been the perfect solution. 


However, there are plenty of folks, maybe like you, that are looking for the same expert guidance to set their book up for marketing success, but they want to either do it at their own pace without the pressure of a team waiting for them, or they need to do it for a much lower cost.

My solution, if that is you, is "Self-Publish and Succeed Live."

It's all the guidance you need to write your book with marketing in mind, and set it up for successful launch (and beyond).

Thought leadership or a recognizable brand are just around the corner for you when you have the right positioning for your book. And that is what this course will do. Specifically, in weekly group training classes and group brainstorming and support sessions, we'll:

  • Identify your reader, the hook of your book, and the outline you need for writing success.
    Sometimes you are stuck because you lack clarity and these training sessions will help unlock the potential of your book and your author brand. The first part of our training will focus on getting you clarity on these elements so you can begin moving forward with writing your manuscript.
  • Create a personal writing plan and work with the group to hold you accountable. Let's get that first draft done and positioned to achieve your goals!
  • Review what to do once you have the first draft so you can hire the dream team you need to bring your book to life (whether you choose to work with Book Launchers or not!). We'll ensure you don't hire the wrong people or get ripped off by companies that take your money and don't do the work!
  • Provide expert guidance for your cover, layout, audiobook, and any other format you want to create for your book.
  • Review the distribution options, help you do your account set up, and get you ready for launch.

...this is going to be a 12-week program that has one goal:

Taking you by-the-hand, and leading you, step-by-step, to finish your manuscript and set you up for a successful launch.

Normally, such a program would not be something we offer, but it's our five-year anniversary, and I wanted to do something special to help as many people as I can get a #noboringbook that has impact on others.

And, I know time is valuable, so I structured the program in such a manner that you only need 2-4 hours a week to do it. We'll meet 16 times over the 12-week course, spending time learning key insights, walking through the next steps, getting feedback, and writing together. You should schedule one or two of your own additional writing sessions a week to make great progress throughout the course (And with your own sessions that will total 4 hours, including our time together).

And the best part? If you are busy or you have to miss a class, you can access the replays for up to a year so you have plenty of time to get through it all if you can't attend the classes live or you miss a week.

I will personally be teaching the majority of these classes so, if you've been wanting to work with me personally or you are struggling to get your first draft done and into the world, now is the time.


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This is a jam-packed course complete with training, writing support, and time for Q&A. Check out what is included in this special one-time-only offer:

  • 12 x weekly 90-minute training + coaching calls with Book Launchers founder Julie Broad and other publishing experts ($3,600 value)
  • 4 x 90-minute Group Brainstorm + Writing Sessions via Zoom and hosted by me! This is the perfect time to test your hook, get title ideas, or have any other questions answered. ($600 value)
  • 1 x 30 minute one on one call with Book Launchers founder Julie Broad anytime during the 12-week program (must be booked by July 1st) ($300 Value)
  • 1 x 60 minute author branding call with our Book Marketing Manager to set your author brand and book up for marketing success (must be booked by July 1st) ($500 Value)

Plus, an optional add-on developmental edit:

... anyone who submits a completed first draft of a manuscript (of less than 75,000 words) by July 1st will be able to add on a content edit for only $500. This edit will be delivered back to you within 4 weeks with a personal one-on-one call to review the recommendations for your manuscript. ($1,750 value).

The total value of this entire offering, with the optional add-on edit, is $6,750!

We're setting you up for success. Whether you decide to join Book Launchers after your draft is done, or you take your book to other service providers, you are set up with a #noboringbook that is ready to sell and help you achieve your goals. Your reader wins. You win. And we are grateful to be a part of your journey.

The program is designed to give you the same book writing breakthroughs our clients gain from our service when they work one on one with professional writing coaches ...

… except now you also have the hive mind of other like-minded authors to provide you with input and support, and because I’ll be coaching you through it using my own system, I'll also be guiding you to ensure you set your book up for your business, brand, or thought leadership goals. 

After 10 years of writing books myself and five years of helping others write, publish and promote their books, there are some tactics and strategies that will put an end to your book writing struggles once and for all ...

And put you on the path to success to using your book to achieve your biggest goals.

This is the only time we plan to offer this course this year ... and the only time I plan to be the instructor.  I would love to help you on this journey personally.

And the best part?


This time next year I could be going live on YouTube celebrating your book!

Exciting right?

Just 2-4 hours a week and you can make your dream to finally finish your manuscript into a reality. You can get yourself on the path to thought leadership, business growth, and brand recognition! 

Now, I've been involved with book writing for the last 10 years ....

...so I know it takes a little elbow grease and enthusiasm to get the results you deserve...

...that's why this program begins on March 13th, and is only open to the aspiring non-fiction authors who are ready and committed to taking action now.

I'll take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way; from what you have to do to how long you have to do it for.

And one thing I can promise you is that even though it's going to be work, it will be fun, and it will be incredibly rewarding. 

In a nutshell, over the next 12 weeks, I’ll be your personal book writing and publishing guide.


I'm sure you can put into practice anything you learn about book writing...

Heck, if you've read Self-Publish and Succeed, you already know a lot of what I'll share.

...however if your book isn't done yet, then maybe working in a group and getting guidance through the process is your missing piece! 
When you first start out writing a book, everything you do yields results. Most people can put a few words on paper to start. 

Eventually, you reach a point where most of the easy wins are gone, you don't know if what you've got is any good, and you're not sure what to do next.

This is where details matter...

...and I'd love to support you to pay attention to the ones that will matter the most.

I created Self-Publish and Succeed - Live Course especially to help you with this.

We’ll take one step at a time, so you can see progress build and build!

And you can do it in just 2-5 hours a week.

To begin the Self-Publish and Succeed - Live Course now, use this exclusive link to learn to sign up:

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Benard O. took the class last year and said:

This class is exactly what every aspiring author needs! Especially those who say "I want to write a book, but I just don't just don't have the time" Like myself. Julie takes away every excuse from those who claim they are "too busy." Zoom classes, slides, feedback from Julie (and other aspiring authors) are uploaded to the portal for your convenience! It's just like being in class all over again, anytime you want or need them. Also, you get a chance to meet some really cool people around the world who have the same goal(s) as you. IT'S AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!!"

DJ Obo took the class and said:

The program and the entire Book Launchers team provided me with guidance, structure and deadlines. These are the ingredients I needed to stop procrastinating and get my book manuscript done. I highly recommend their program if you need help and accountability on your book writing journey."

I can't wait to work with you!

If we haven't met before, here's my quick bio:

Julie Broad, founder of self-publishing services firm Book Launchers and Amazon Overall #1 Best Selling Author, knows what it takes to successfully self-publish a book. Julie’s titles include More than Cashflow, which topped Amazon, The New Brand You, and her latest book, Self-Publish & Succeed, which has taken home 11 different book awards.  Julie is an expert on writing a book with marketing in mind and teaches authors how to write a #noboringbook on her popular YouTube channel BookLaunchers.TV.  She's been interviewed on more than 200 podcasts, is a regular speaker at events like Podcast Movement and FinCon, and has also been featured in ForbesEntrepreneur.com, Yahoo! Business, CTV, the Toronto Sun, and Medium.com.

What's Included with

Self-Publish & Succeed Live

Starting on March 13th we're going to be getting together every week on Zoom to learn everything you need to know to write a book that is set up to achieve your goals. In addition, to live training, you'll receive tools and templates to support your author journey (stuff we normally only give Book Launchers clients who are investing ten times the cost of this course!), and we're also going to have some fun competitions and prizes along the way to make this a really fun time getting your first draft done and ready for next steps!

Specifically, here's everything that is included:

  • 12 x 90-minute weekly training, planning, templates, tools and writing time calls primarily taught by founder Julie Broad ($3,600 value)
  • 4 x 90-minute group brainstorming, Q&A, and writing calls ($600 value)
  • 1 x 30-minute one-on-one call with Julie Broad* ($300 value)
  • 1 x 60-minute one-on-one Author Branding call with the Book Launchers Book Marketing Manager* ($500 value)

That's $5,000 in value (with the cover design bonus) for $2,000 or 4 x $565 to take action today!

  • Plus, save with the optional content edit add-on for $500 (up to 75,000 words) and a one-on-one delivery call to review ($1,750 value)!

*You will have to book your calls, purchase, and submit your (optional - add on) content edit by July 1st, 2023, to be eligible for these bonuses.

Save with the prepay by clicking here, or click the button below for payments every 4 weeks.

Cynthia P. had this to say of the experience:

"As a result of the class, I was able to organize my material, following the book template that Julie sent to us. I have written over 25,000 words now, thanks to Julie's goal-setting and group camaraderie. I like the fact that some of the classes took place on different days of the week and times, and truly appreciate the Saturday Deep Dive sessions."


When does the live training begin?

The first class will be on Monday, March 13th at 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST.
The class schedule will be sent to you via email after you register for the class. Most classes are going to be on Monday evenings with the group sessions on Saturday. There will be a total of 16 sessions via Zoom. They will each be 90 minutes long.

All calls will be recorded, and transcribed and you will have access to the replays until March 13th, 2024.

All calls, templates, tools, and transcripts will be loaded into our learning platform (Thinkific) and you will receive a username and password to access this (you'll receive this the first week of class).

Is this only for non-fiction?

Yes! Our expertise is in helping authors write, publish, and promote books that are in the categories likes self-help, memoir, business and finance, leadership, personal development, and health and fitness. If you aren't sure if your book and topic are a fit, send the course administrator an email at dave@booklaunchers.com and he'll let you know.

Will you do this course again?

It's likely we will run the course again in September or October 2023. Each time we run the course we do raise the price, so this will be the only time to get in at this rate.

Do you have guarantees?

Our guarantee is if you do nothing you will get nothing! All that said, if you show up to the first couple of classes and decide this isn't for you, we will happily refund your money. Just send dave@booklaunchers.com an email and let him know. Contact us anytime up until April 3rd for a full refund. After April 3rd, refunds will not be issued. If you're on the payment plan, we will refund any money paid and you'll have no further obligations.

There are no refunds for inaction. We want you to succeed and the only way you will finish your book is if you show up and do the writing work!

I've read Self-Publish and Succeed, will the course still help?

The structure of this course is pulled from the book so you will be familiar with the material. However, the focus of the course is on developing your own content, uncovering the hook of your book, finding your reader, and getting the words on the page.

The goal of this course is to get your first draft done and support you to make it the best it can be. There will be a lot of time to get personal support to develop your concept, brainstorm for the best ideas, and be supported when you may find yourself struggling. In addition, you'll be receiving templates and tools not available in the book, one on one calls, and bonuses not available in the book.

If you read the book and had no problem writing your first draft afterward, this course isn't for you. However, if you haven't finished your first draft, or you haven't started, this will be a high-value investment in getting your draft done and ready for the next phase!

What if I have already drafted my book, will this course still help me?

It depends how you feel about that draft and how confident you are that it's positioned well for marketing. Our unique approach to writing a #noboringbook is all about setting you up to achieve your goals using your book. If you have a strong first draft and you're confident in next steps, then this might not be high value for you. If you know you can improve your first draft and you want more support to strengthen your book positioning and your author brand, then YES! This will be great for you. You can also join and attend the first couple of classes to decide. We have a full money back guarantee until April 3rd.

Our customers love us

"Working with Book Launchers has been wonderful! Their team helped me feel confident about my content and message, the book came out BEAUTIFUL and went on to be a #1 Amazon Bestselling title in four categories."

- Kelly Tuttle

"My book would not have been able to be completed successfully without the partnership with Book Launchers. I now have the confidence to write future books and I am forever grateful for Book Launchers growing my mindset into believing this is possible.”"

- Todd Tresidder

"Julie and the entire Book Launchers team were incredible to work with. Not only did they help me come up with a much better version of my book then I could’ve on my own, but the team walked me through every step of the writing, editing, publishing and marketing process. I will absolutely use Book Launchers again when the time comes for book #2"

- Shell Phelps